Coimbatore or Kovai is one of the largest and most sought after cities in Indian State of Tamil Nadu. If you love Southern Indian culture, inexpensive food, hassle-free life, and beautiful weather, you should give Coimbatore a shot. The city is better known for engineering goods, various industries, textile mills, health care facilities, educational institutions, pleasant weather, great hospitality and friendly culture.

If you don’t have a vehicle of yours in Coimbatore, but want to travel the city in a hassle-free way, you can take our help. SLS Car Rental is a prominent name in the local area and known for offering world-class car & coach rental services to all the customers. Either you can opt for economy, luxury and premium cars or you can rent out a coach and spend some quality time with your entire family together. All the cars and coaches are equipped with some of the latest amenities, features and safe to travel the city.

Coimbatore Car & Coach Rental

SLS Car Rental employs drivers who are excellent in communication, down to earth and skilled in driving. They are aware of all the local key destinations and can take you to different tourist attractions. You can either opt for one day visit or choose multiday car rental and cover the nearby cities as well.

Even though, there are numerous reasons that can prompt you to visit this beautiful city even if you are a Non-South Indian and visiting Coimbatore for the first time, but the one that tops the list is the availability of North and West Indian people. You can find a lot of people from Northern and Western part of the country, which makes Coimbatore a cosmopolitan state.  The local language is called Kongu Tamil, but you can also find people speaking English, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada.

You can look forward to visiting this city any time except early summer season. SLS Car Rental promises to provide you second to none services and make your sojourn experience unforgettable in Coimbatore.